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Researching your family tree can be an interesting and rewarding experience that is far more involved than one might think. AncestryOffers.co.uk has been compiled to provide a starting point for budding genealogists with pointers on where to find records and what to avoid. We hope it helps to find your long lost ancestry.

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Building a Family Tree

Searching the Census

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Researching your Family Tree Online

Because there has been so much recent interest in the subject of genealogy an enormous amount of resources have been developed or publicized as a result. The internet has also made the study of genealogy more accessible to everyone as many of the resources have been indexed and put on line on microfiche. This enables people to quickly cross reference the information that they do have with the resources so that they can build family trees.

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Understanding your Ancestry

Whether you are doing genealogical research to create a family tree or looking deeper into your family's history, an understanding of your ancestry could be very important. Understanding your ancestry in terms of the historical, social, cultural and political context can provide clues as to both what your ancestor's lives were like and where to search for more information on them.

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Searching the Censuses

The Censuses provide a great deal of data when trying to put together a family tree. Any given Census provides basic and also some additional details. However the basic details are the most important as it is these that are used to trace or build a family tree. The basic details include names, addresses, age, occupation and whether the person was born in that country or not.

The Census can be accessed online as it is part of the public records. The national index for the Census from 1881 is available on microfiche allowing easy and quick access. The original documents, going back as far as 1801, informing the Census can also be sources and copies obtained for a few pounds. The Census information can be analysed to put together family groups which form the branches of the family tree.

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